BlogCFC is a ColdFusion based blog. It has many features and is used on over 500 different blogs. It is free and open source.


Canvas is a ColdFusion based Wiki system. It is free and open source.

The Common Function Library is a open source collection of ColdFusion user-defined functions. The site has close to 1000 UDFs. All free and open source.

A ColdFusion "cookbook" site offering solutions to common problems in ColdFusion development.

ColdFusion Yahoo Package

This is a collection of CFCs that enanble you to easily access Yahoo's services.


A ColdFusion based forums application. It is free and open source.


GoogleCal lets ColdFusion integrate with Google's Calendar service. It is free and open source.

Harlan Ad Server

A ColdFusion based advertising platform. It can be used to serve ads to non-ColdFusion based sites as well. It is free and open source.

Lighthouse Pro

A ColdFusion based bug tracker. It is free and open source.

QuickPoll CFC

A ColdFusion based poll application. It is free and open source.


A simple CFC to both parse and generate RSS code.


A ColdFusion based survey application. It is free and open source.


SpoolMail lets you quickly access emails stored in the undelivered folder on a ColdFusion server. It is useful for testing emails sent out by an application on a development box. It is free and open source.


StarFish is a ColdFusion performance monitor. It really is more of a toy than anything else. It is free and open source.


toXML is a ColdFusion component that translates ColdFusion variables into XML.


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