About Me

My name is Raymond Camden. I'm a 35 year old married father of three living in beautiful Lafayette, Louisiana. As of May 2008, I'm the VP of Software Development for Broadchoice, Inc.

I've been lucky to have been invited to speak at many conferences over the years, including CFUNITED and the Adobe MAX conferences. If you would like me to speak at your user group, check out my upcoming speaking engagements first.

What do I believe in? Nothing I write here will perfectly capture my beliefs - but in general I'm libertarian. I tend to think people should be free to make their own decisions, and also be responsible for what they do. Stop assuming people are stupid. If you expect the least, you will get it.

I'm a huge Star Wars fan. (I'm currently sitting in an office with quite a collection of toys, legos, posters, etc.) I like "good" TV such as Lost, Deadwood, Battlestar Galatica, and Dr. Who. I'm also a big video game player... when I have time. I love movies too. One of the best classes I took in college was a class that talked about movies. I know - sounds like an easy class, and it was, but it really gave me a good appreciation for movies and how they are made.

My music tastes tend to be pretty varied. In general I like what is defined as Alternative, especially older 80s alternative like Depeche Mode, the Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees. I also like trance music, Johnny Cash, classical, and jazz as well.

My Writing

Along with the blog, I've written for many publications, including the Developer area at Adobe.com, the ColdFusion Developer's Journal, and the new Fusion Quarterly. I've also been involved in a few books over the years.

Here are my latest books specifically written for ColdFusion 8:

The ColdFusion 7 Web Application Construction Kit. I was a co-author to the first book and a contributing author to the second book.

The first set of books I was involved with was the "Mastering ColdFusion" series by Sybex. I was both a contributing author for the first few books and then a co-author for the last set.

I was the lead author for the ColdFusion Developer's Handbook. This is one of the books I'm most proud of. It was a book for folks who already know ColdFusion and wanted to cover topics to help them develop more advanced, feature-rich sites.